About Us:

PolyPixel is a leading art production studio founded by 3D art professionals who have over 10 years of experience in the video game industry. Our passion is producing high quality art for both our clients and 3D model store. We pride ourselves on providing rock-solid visual and technical assets that clients are confident in putting in their projects.


Our highly skilled artists specialize in environments,weapons, vehicles,  and complex prop structures that are sold in both Unity Asset Store and Unreal Marketplace. We provide both AAA quality products that are desktop-ready as well as lower model states ready for mobile/casual games. Each item sold is backed by regular updates, full documentation, and our support team to ensure a smooth production process.


If ready-made assets don’t fit your specifications, we have a fully functioning art team to provide outsourced artwork. The co-founders also act as art leads for the projects at hand; as this allows high quality standards across the board before anything is released to the clients. Clients who place work with us can be confident that they will get consistent art quality, clear communication, and on-time deliverables.


Our Services:

PolyPixel features of a team of experienced 3D art professionals dedicated to providing high quality 3D Art solutions at a competitive rate

We offer a variety of services for your needs, be sure to check out our store or contact us for any outsource artwork.

Services Include:

  • Low Poly Modeling for Casual and Mobile Games
  • High Poly Modeling For AAA and Desktop Indie Games
  • Texturing : photosource or hand painted
  • Specialized in Environments, Weapons, Vehicles, and Complex Prop Structures
  • Assets produced to run properly in Unity Engine and Unreal Engine

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Our Toolkit

At PolyPixel we are constantly staying up to date with the latest tools to improve our overall quality and streamline our processes. We invest in all the industry standard tools as well as others that are innovating the 3D Art production process.

Unity 3D EngineUnreal 4 EngineFrostbite3 EngineAutodesk MayaAutodesk 3DS MaxPixologic Zbrush

Autodesk Mudbox

Adobe PhotoshopQuixel SuiteAllegorithmic Substance



Titles Our Team Members Have Worked On:

Battlefield: Hardline
Plants Vs. Zombie: Garden Warfare
Need For Speed: Shift
Need For Speed: Undercover

Need For Speed: World Online
Wipeout: The Game
MechWarrior: OnlineFamily Guy OnlinePumped 2 BMXSkiCross