Why won’t the ivy paint on the buildings?

The settings of your foliage may not be correct. We have a good setup for density, angle, rotation that we found works great for the Ivy. You can check that out in the demo scene. Another thing that could be causing that problem is “Ground Slope” should be set to ‘0’.


Why do I have to place windows myself?

See House Section in the documentation.


How tall can I make the houses?

As high as you want, provided you have ‘Main’ as the lowest part, and ‘Top’ as the highest part of your totem chain.


Should I use BSP brushes or my own custom meshes for lots?

We have set up the roads to allow for quick easy blocking, and this easily allows for BSP use. We recommend for more advanced level building, to take the assets from this pack and use them in a 3rd party 3D program to make custom grid system and export that out in large chunks.


How do I create my own look up table?

Please see the documentation below from Unreal:



Why do some objects have LODs/Collision, while others don’t?

In some cases where the model should never be reached by a character, shouldn’t interact with it, or is simply too small, we felt it unnecessary to create collision. As for LODs, our cut off for not including LODs was “roughly” 500 tris. LODs are reduced 40-60% each level.