How tall can I make the houses?

There’s no limit, provided you have the “Main” as the lowest part and “Top” as the highest part. We recommend you do not go any higher than 4 storeys as it would start looking a little strange. Physically, these kinds of wood based structures would not go above 5+ storeys as the wood frame would collapse under the weight.


How do I create my own look up table?

Please see the documentation below from Unreal:


We recommend using some of the prepackaged LUTs you can find on the UE4 Marketplace.


Why do some objects have LODs/Collision, while others don’t?

In some cases where the model should never be reached by a character, shouldn’t interact with it, or is simply too small, we felt it unnecessary to create collision. As for LODs, we do not include any for models under 500 tris.