Why are there two demo scenes?

There are two demo Scenes to showcase the versatility of the shaders and different textures. Technically, there isn’t much difference other than to show the user the potential of the package

How can I copy over your foliage and settings into my scene?

From our understanding there isn’t any way to copy over the foliage settings from scene to scene. You could start off with either Demo Scene in Country Side and erase all content in the level, while maintaining all the established foliage assets. If this isn’t available, it may need to be done from scratch. If we find a solution(or if you have one please email us) we will post it here immediately.

Why does my Frame Rate dip when I place in these assets?

Some of the assets are using more powerful shader options like sub surface scattering and wind. And while this isn’t very cost heavy when placing a few, many times with outdoor scenes you may want to place thousands or tens of thousands of assets. If this is the case, you may be required to remove some of the advanced features of the shaders by toggling off their effects in the material instance. We suggest looking at the detailed UE4 documentation and AnswerHUB for further reading on optimization as there is never a simple solution for all.

Should I place my trees in my level as static meshes, or through the foliage tool?

This is entirely up to the needs of your level and project. There are merits to both. Foliage tool is a great and easy way to paint in a bunch of assets into your level, and give them random scale/rotation etc. Along with that it has powerful optimization tools which clusters a bunch of trees(amount is based on you) and make them act as one static mesh. On the other hand, they don’t act perfectly to lightmass. There are issues of specularity being at full brightness in shaded areas, or may flicker in some cases. From our understanding this is something which has and will continue to be improved upon by Epic through each version release.