• All foliage utilize the power of wind. This effect can bring life into any static world. This is done by toggling on the ‘SimpleGrassWind‘ node in the material instance. The wind has a few parameters that control weight, speed, and intensity. Use small values to get a nice calm breezy day, or crank them to simulate almost hurricane conditions.

*calm & breezy conditions*




  • Wind is able to be turned on and off. While powerful, it can be a little expensive. We suggest creating specific material instances with on and off, allowing you to selectively choose assets that will have wind. This will also help your game run at a smooth 60FPS
  • All foliage has built in AO into the vertex channels and you can easily turn them off. The standard asset uses black and white values to do two things: In some instances like the grass, it is used to mask out wind. This helps the base of weeds, bushes and grass to sit more stationary on the terrain. The other use of vertex AO for the actual Ambient Occlusion.. This is adjustable in the material parameters.
  • Foliage uses sub surface scattering which is available to dynamic meshes(not available to objects set to the default static), SSS has its drawbacks as it limits light mass. To compensate, we suggest to leave on the Vertex AO.
  • All foliage are also equipped with standard tints, roughness, spec values as you would expect.
  • All the trees come with a Mobile Friendly versions that utilizes cheaper materials, and much lower polycounts.
  • Lastly, there are fall and summer textures for trees. Allowing even more versatility in this pack.