There are 3 types of foliage provided in this pack. ivy, ground plants, and trees. All foliage use the latest Foliage shaders setup in UE4.


There are 4 ivy assets, and when placed into the ‘Foliage’ tool with specific settings(see our demo level for our prefered settings) you can quickly paint ivy up and down all static meshes in your level. **Note, our settings are based purely off visuals, we don’t presume to have the correct clustering settings needed for your game**
The Ivy is made with primitive geo to keep performance cost low. The material is created from advanced baking and finely tuned to look as though you are painting thousands of individual leaves.

In some cases a stray Ivy plane may make its way to an undesired location or angle. If this happens, change your foliage tool from brush to picker. Now you can individually select the asset in question, and move it to the area you need, or delete it all together.


Ground Plants

We have provided a variety of grass, weeds and bushes to help fill up the ground very quickly. You don’t just have to paint these on terrain, but even the inside of buildings, on stairs, etc. to create an overgrown atmosphere.

The plants use simple grass wind in the shader to get basic movement. This has been known to be quite costly in some cases, and you may need to remove it from some of the materials.

We use vertex colours to mask OUT the simple grass wind near the base of the texture. This helps prevent the sliding look that can occur from ‘simple grass wind’.



There are 3 species of trees, and 2 variations of each. The polycounts are a manageable 15,000k for LOD0. With an extra LOD state that brings it to 5k. And then a final LOD state that is just a 2 plane billboard.

Tree leaves also use simple grass wind to animate the leaves.

The trees have vertexed bake AO. This serves many purposes:

  • add AO to the model
  • add AO strength to the base color
  • mask out simple grass wind.