There are 3 types of foliage provided in this pack. ivy, ground plants, and trees. All foliage use the latest Foliage shaders setup in Unity 5.


There are 4 small types of ivy that are built using simple poly planes. You can place these wherever you want.

We also provide much larger styles that to provide quick placement of overgrowth on a building


Ground Plants

The ground plants are built with geo, but are also textured to use the Terrain details.

There’s plenty of grass and weed types to really give variety in all areas.



There are 3 species of trees, and 2 variations of each. The polycounts are a manageable 15,000k for LOD0. With an extra LOD state that brings it to 5k.


The trees have vertexed bake AO that can be used through the speed tree shader. This serves many purposes:

  • add AO to the model
  • add AO strength to the base color
  • mask out simple grass wind.