Foliage & Rocks

The pack comes with dozens of ground plants and stones that can be used with the foliage tool in UE4 to quickly create lush environments. There are grass, weeds, flowers, ferns, bushes, small-medium-large rocks you can paint with.


Ground plants come with a PolyPixel standard foliage material, this helps with performance cost, and allows for quick global iterations on the plants.


The stones come in 3 sizes, each with 3 variations.

  • Small Stones: Meant for ground clutter
    • scale should be from the size of a baseball to size of a basketball.
  • Medium Stones: Meant to help block off paths, fill in forest, and give the designer better control how to craft a level
    • Scale should be from size of a chair to the size of a small car.
  • Large Stones: Meant to help shape the landscape and hide terrain texture stretching that is unavoidable when creating steep inclines.
    • Scale should be from a large truck to the size of a house