Houses: Interiors/Exteriors

There are 3 house designs. Each design is made up of 4 parts that snap to each other to give you a variety of heights and looks.

  • Front Porch: This is the front steps that lead up to the house. The reason for detaching them from the house is to give the option of having the house lower or higher.
  • Main Floor: This is the bottom floor, you just need to place this once, and should be at the base.
  • Top Floor: This is the cap of the house. You need at least 1 main floor and 1 top floor to create a house.
  • Mid Floor: Place as many as these assets as you want in between the Main and Top floors.


The Essentials

The house only contains a few essential pieces. Hand rails, vents, things that are locked to the main design.Assets such as counters, stoves, couches, and bathrooms are implied in the design but not placed. These are aesthetic pieces and should be dictated by the user on how the game design should be. We have provided modular kitchen counters/cabinets to help you get started.



There are no doors in the main structure of the building. Just open frames in the walls. We have either static meshes you can place to lock out rooms to the player, or we have door blueprints that are physics based with hinges. There are 5 door varieties to choose from: interior door, front door, store door, etc.
This also allows for you to create your own doors, and quickly snap them into place




Much like the doors, the main house has open framed holes instead of windows. And we provide a variety of window sizes, along with open states and broken states. There`s 2 main reasons for this.

  • Design: You can place all types of windows instead of having your hands forced with the window design we have. You can place either one of our own window states, or create your own to quickly get the design feature you need.
  • Optimization: Not all windows need to be placed around a level. You can limit the polygon budget to playable areas. And with smaller objects, they are more likely to be culled out.