Other Buildings

We have 2 other buildings that you can place in your world: Store and Industrial.


This building is comprised of 2 major components and are very similar to how the houses are built through large chunks stacking.

A main floor which is intended to be a store front. Here you can place any style of store you want inside that your game requires. We provided enough props to sell the idea of an ambiguous corner store. Or you can use static doors, and lock the player from ever entering the store.

The other component to the store is the apartment. We have a small apartment complex that you simply stack ontop of the store. This apartment is not intended for gameplay, but it does have very primitive interiors. This sells the idea of a 3d building rather than typical game standards with flat window textures or expensive shaders that use parallaxing.



The industrial building is made up of very primitive modular pieces for you to  build a warehouse. This building is intended to be more background filler, and as such, it does not require much detailing.

The modular/lego pieces are built to create both interior and exterior looks, you can block out basic gameplay areas using these pieces.

There is a garage door opening segment which can be used to allow for entrance to the building