Lake Side Cabin: Unity Engine 5 Documentation

Getting Started


Lake Side Cabin is a AAA high quality nature pack with over 50 assets to build a beautiful nature scene. Populate your world with trees, ground plants, boulders & a large variety of terrain shaders.

Shaders and materials use the latest Unity 5 Physically Based Rendering. This pack comes a demo showcasing all the assets in a beautiful nature scene.

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Package Breakdown


There are 6 species of trees, with 3 variations of each, totaling 18. The trees are indigenous to the Pacific Northwest of North America, and are intended to give a coniferous setting.

  • Blackwood Cotton
  • Red Alder
  • Red Cedar
  • Hemlock
  • Ponderosa
  • Spruce(white)

The trees are built for desktop use, LOD0 is between 4-12k polys. The assets are highly optimized to allow for lots of trees in one scene to fill a forest.

LODs decrease polycount by roughly 50% with the last LOD being a flat billboard.

Custom Shader:

The trees are using a custom built PolyPixel shader for ‘Leaves’, ‘Bark’ and ‘Billboards’. These shaders were created to fix a few issues we kept seeing with the standard shader and it gave us an opportunity to go even further. (We hope that this shader will be a platform for us to create a great shader so we will continue to grow and support the shader, so feedback is very appreciated)


The shaders features

  • Toggle-able vertex AO with adjustable strength. A lot of time you cant use baked lighting for the trees, as there is too many, so we baked in some standard AO into the vertex channel to help give the asset more pop with virtually no performance cost.
  • Adjustable alpha cut off that scales based on object distance. This fixes the pesky issue of alpha cutting off more and more in the distance that you get with Unity Standard Shader.
  • Vertex enabled wind. The Windzone in Unity is a very limited tool, as you cant have ‘Bend Factors’ on prefabs with LODs, and the shader that enables windzone is not set up for Unity 5 PBR. So to compensate, with did a vertex shift to simulate leaf movement. You can adjust the size and strength in the material parameters.
  • Tint.

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There is a pre-built world machine terrain which we used to create the base terrain. You are welcome to reuse the asset, but after that, there is complete control over terrain sculpting and material painting.


The terrain uses a standard PBR shader, but we also included height maps in case you used other custom powerful tools that require it, such as Relief Terrain Toolkit.


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Foliage & Rocks

The pack comes with dozens of ground plants and stones that can be used to quickly create lush environments. There are grass, weeds, flowers, ferns, bushes, small-medium-large rocks you can paint with.


Ground plants come with a PolyPixel standard foliage material, this helps with performance cost, and allows for quick global iterations on the plants.


The stones come in 3 sizes, each with 3 variations.

  • Small Stones: Meant for ground clutter
    • scale should be from the size of a baseball to size of a basketball.
  • Medium Stones: Meant to help block off paths, fill in forest, and give the designer better control how to craft a level
    • Scale should be from size of a chair to the size of a small car.
  • Large Stones: Meant to help shape the landscape and hide terrain texture stretching that is unavoidable when creating steep inclines.
    • Scale should be from a large truck to the size of a house

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All materials are built to the standard PBR set up


Albedo(Base_Color) –  We use suffix ‘_a’

Normal – we use suffix ‘_n’

Metallic/Roughness – We use suffix ‘_m’

Ambient Occlusion – We use the suffix ‘_ao’

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Can I use windoze on the trees?
You can, but terrain trees require a bend factor and in order to enable that, you can actually only add a model, not a prefab. So you will need to add a specific LOD of your choice to allow ‘bending’. After that, you have to make sure the leaves shaders are using ‘Tree soft occlusion’ shader.

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