Lake Side Cabin: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation

Getting Started


Lake Side Cabin is a AAA high quality nature pack with over 50 assets to build a beautiful nature scene. Populate your world with trees, ground plants, boulders & a large variety of terrain shaders.

Shaders and materials use the latest UE4 technology. This pack comes a demo showcasing all the assets in a beautiful nature scene.

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File Structure


  • Contains ambient world sounds


  • Contains all materials in the world


  • Contains all static mesh assets and FBXs


  • Contains 2 Scenes. One showcase where we made a slice of a world using only the assets from this pack. And one scene where the assets are laid out for easy access.


  • Contains all textures and TGAs

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Package Breakdown


There are 6 species of trees, with 3 variations of each, totaling 18. The trees are indigenous to the Pacific Northwest of North America, and are intended to give a coniferous setting.

  • Blackwood Cotton
  • Red Alder
  • Red Cedar
  • Hemlock
  • Ponderosa
  • Spurce(white)

The trees are build for desktop use, LOD0 is between 4-12k polys. The assets are highly optimized to allow for lots of trees in one scene to fill a forest.

LODs decrease polycount by roughly 50% with the last LOD being a flat billboard.

The materials give full control through use of material instancing. With parameters such as:

  • Sub Surface Scattering intensity
  • Tint
  • AO intensity(driven through the vertex channels pre baked AO)
  • Wind Speed
  • Wind Weight
  • Wind Intensity
  • and more

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We mimicked the standard building system in survival games such as Rust or ARK. The modular pieces provides an easy way to mix and match components to create a custom Cabin look.


The pieces are built using a 3×3 meter grid. With the addition of a 1.5m height wall/roof to give that extra bit of control and variety. Because of this simple meter size, you can quickly snap to a grid all the pieces should align quite easily.


The cabin parts come with full collisions built with UE4 primitive boxes to keep performance hit low and keep collision simplified as to not cause any bugs.


Along with the cabin there are a handful of fun props to place around the level. Things like docks, canoes, oars, wood logs etc.

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There is a prebuilt world machine terrain which we used to create the base terrain. You are welcome to reuse the asset, but after that, there is complete control over terrain sculpting and material painting.


The terrain material uses the world machine splat map to create a base layer, and from there you can paint using our 4 pre-made terrain textures that blend correctly through height channels.


If you don’t want to use the provided splat map, the textures can easily be used in any custom terrain material you create.

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Foliage & Rocks

The pack comes with dozens of ground plants and stones that can be used with the foliage tool in UE4 to quickly create lush environments. There are grass, weeds, flowers, ferns, bushes, small-medium-large rocks you can paint with.


Ground plants come with a PolyPixel standard foliage material, this helps with performance cost, and allows for quick global iterations on the plants.


The stones come in 3 sizes, each with 3 variations.

  • Small Stones: Meant for ground clutter
    • scale should be from the size of a baseball to size of a basketball.
  • Medium Stones: Meant to help block off paths, fill in forest, and give the designer better control how to craft a level
    • Scale should be from size of a chair to the size of a small car.
  • Large Stones: Meant to help shape the landscape and hide terrain texture stretching that is unavoidable when creating steep inclines.
    • Scale should be from a large truck to the size of a house

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All materials are built to the standard PBR material.

Albedo(Base_Color) –  We use suffix ‘_a’

Normal – we use suffix ‘_n’

For the Metallic, Roughness and AO we use a compact map that stores the maps into the RGB channels. The suffix for this is ‘_c’ for Compact.

  • R – Metallic
  • G – Roughness
  • B – AO

*Note: In some cases where the material required no metallic or AO. For Roughness maps we use suffix ‘_r’

For some materials, we use a simple tint to allow for multiple variations.

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Do I need to use your terrain material?

Terrain materials are a bit tricky, and there are many ways to create them. Our terrain material was built with the intention of having a splat map as the base. You can build off ours, or create your own from scratch. But the terrain textures should be able to be used for any material.


Where can I get the water documentation?

You can find it here


The angled pieces only come in one direction, what do I do?

UE4 allows for invert scale without disrupting collisions or model/texture normals. Quickly scale the object -1 on the axis you need, and snap it like any other piece.


How do I create my own look up table?

Please see the documentation below from Unreal: Click Here


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