Medieval Docks: Unity Engine 5 Documentation

Package Breakdown


We have over 30 props to help decorate your docks, landscape, houses and best of all a good start to a basic marketplace. There are fish, oysters, potatoes, and more to get a nice blend of displays.


All props are highly optimized with clean materials, and full LODs. They also come with clean box colliders to allow for a simple drag and drop into your level

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The 4 terrain textures come with full PBR maps. For the demo level, we used the standard Unity terrain to help provide the necessary texture maps that would work with other Unity tools in the marketplace.

There are some basic shader parameters for each texture such as specular, roughness, and UV scale.

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Material/Texture Setup

*All materials are built to the standard PBR material*


  • Maps:

Albedo(Base_Color) –  We use suffix ‘_a’

Normal – we use suffix ‘_n’

Metallic, Roughness(a) – we use the suffix ‘_m’

AO –  we use the suffix ‘_ao’

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How tall can I make the houses?

There’s no limit, provided you have the “Main” as the lowest part and “Top” as the highest part. We recommend you do not go any higher than 4 storeys as it would start looking a little strange. Physically, these kinds of wood based structures would not go above 5+ storeys as the wood frame would collapse under the weight.


Why are the trees are NOT set up for windzone?

Please see foliage section

If you really want windzone, you can switch the material shader over to Nature/Soft Occlusion. Then assign the individual LOD mesh you want when adding trees to your terrain tool. This will allow you to have a bend factor, and windzone will then be enabled.


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