Old Town

Old Town is a quick starter pack for a modern take on an old city. Cobblestone roads, ornate street props, and cute buildings with full interiors and more to get your world fitted with a cute old town district.


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License: Royalty Free License

Supported Platforms:

Xbox One

You will receive the following packages:

Unreal and Unity Package


Old Town brings an old fashioned city vibe to a modern world. Dressed up streets and ornate props help bring this quaint area to life. 3 distinct building styles with over 40 modular components to them, mixed with our advanced shaders, makes sure that this pack has longevity as you can mix and match to makes 100s of building looks. The modular road set comes with unique look of bricks and cobblestone and over 70 props to help fill the streets. The pack also comes with seasonal looks and weather changes to help give the setting a variety of moods. We have provided 4 scenes to help demonstrate this. A great starter pack for any world in the need of a cute old style district.

Technical Details

Asset List:
Props: Over 70 individual props
Buildings: 3 distinct building styles with over 40 modular components
Foliage: 3 Trees with 3 seasonal looks, and ground plants
Roads: 16 road components for modular and/or spline set up
Blueprints: 4 basic lights and a wire spline
Textures: 180+ custom textures

Polycount: (tris) 
Building components: 50-2000
Props: 100-1500
Trees: 1500-3000

Texture Sizes: 
Tileable: 2048s & 4096s
Props: 1024s & 2048s
Foliage: 2048s

Video Demos

Unreal Engine:

Unity Engine:


“Five Stars … like the string lights and working traffic lights … lots of atmosphere … plenty of assets to work with, and thanks for the day night maps … gave me an idea of how things will look with the engine’s day/night precomputed lighting scenario tool … great job.” – CrashA51 on Unreal Marketplace