Post Apocalyptic World



  • Over 100 AAA models to create your own city
  • 3 Houses with full interiors
    • 5 doors built with physics
    • Mix and match siding, bricks, drywall to get tons of variations
  • 1 Store with blocked out apartment
  • 1 Industrial building built modularly to give you full control of scale/complexity
  • 3 species of trees with 2 variations each
  • Over a dozen bushes, grass, weeds to build lush ground foliage
  • Over 40 props to fill interiors and streets
  • Broken rubble, bricks, trash, loose paper to help give that added grungy look


Post Apocalyptic World contains over 100 AAA models to create your own abandoned city. With over a dozen ground foliage (bushes, grass, and weeds) and 3 species of trees (with variations), it’s a simple drag and drop to create a lush and overgrown looking environment. Easily fill up your world with houses, stores, and industrial buildings. All the houses have interiors and multiple floors that can be filled with basic props such as couches, chairs, tables, cabinets, and even a kitchen. All props come with collision and LODs for a streamlined experience. The foliage tool can be used to add the final touches by painting in vines on buildings and broken rubble, bricks, trash on the ground.

Shaders and materials use the latest UE4 and Unity 5 technology. This pack comes with two demo scenes (for Unreal Packge): one fully built out environment and a speed-level with a video showing a level built in 30 minutes.

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Asset List:

5 Building Assets

Houses: Around 5000 polycount

  • 3 houses with full interiors
  • 1 store
  • 1 modularly built industrial building


Over 40 Prop Assets

Props: 500-3000 polycount (Props over 500 tris have LODs)

  • each with full LODs


Over 20 Foliage Assets

Trees: 10,000 – 15,000 polycount (with LODs)

  • 3 species of trees with 2 variations each
  • bushes, grass, weeds


Assets using Foliage Tool: (Unreal Engine)

Paintable Vines

Rubble, debris, trash

Modular vines (Unity Engine)

pieces of rubble, debris, trash


PBR Materials (25+ materials)

  • 25+ tileable materials ranging from: concrete, wood bricks, metals, cobblestone, asphalt, and plaster


Texture Sizes:
Tileable: 2048-4096
Buildings: 2048
Props: 1024-2048

  • Abedo
  • Compact RGB (Metalness/Roughness/AO)
  • Normal

You will receive 3 packages:

  • Source Files Package (textures, FBX/OBJ models)
  • Unity 5 package
  • Unreal 4 Engine Package

Each package is a separate download file


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“Excellent pack, can fully recommend. Furniture, vegetation and other small items gave nice more natural look for my project. No complains. :)” – SaOk at Unreal Marketplace

“This is good stuff. Really good stuff. I had a few questions for the publishers for this pack and I was amazingly surprised with the outstanding support and suggestions. These guys are seasoned industry veterans in the gaming community. Not only are you buying an oustanding product, but they are more than happy to share their experience and ideas on how to improve the art direction of your game. Does any Unity publisher offer that?” – Vaughn Carpenter at Unity Asset Store

“This is an incredible asset pack! All of the models have amazing detail and are a perfect fit for any apocalyptic setting. Not only are the assets excellent, but the support from polypixel is incredible. They respond very quickly and keep working with you until any issues you’re having are resolved. My team is very pleased with this pack/support and will buy from polypixel again!” – Daniel Acri at Unity Asset Store

Video Showcase

Rendered in Unreal Engine

Rendered in Unity Engine