Urban City



New in V2.0 Update:

  • Level modular building components
  • Interior walls to all buildings
  • New props – store & street signs, trash bags, awnings, fountain
  • New vfx added
  • Overhaul of all materials


  • 16 pre-built buildings
  • More than 100 modular building set pieces
  • 35+ seamless PBR Materials
  • 40+ City Props with LODs
  • Dozens of foliage pieces with LODs
  • Two & four lane snappable road pieces
  • Full Demo Scene
  • Complete Documentation to get started


As a fully realized urban city environment, this pack is built to highest AAA standards for environmental art.. All the assets have been created efficiently to ensure both smooth frame rate and low memory. This pack contains over a dozen pre-built buildings, as well as over 100 modular building assets allowing the user to mix and match pieces. To go along with the buildings, the world is fitted with dozens of standard assets, a modular road set up, and over 30 seamless PBR materials, all ready to be dragged and dropped in game.

There is also a completed level, that works effectively for both daytime and nighttime scenes. As well as a large amount of fun advanced art techniques like vertex painted grunge and wetness to avoid tileable looking textures. This is a one stop shop for anyone looking for an urban city built to look great for any genre.

Asset List:

Buildings (16 prebuilt & 100+ modular pieces)

  • 16 pre-build buildings
  • 9 distinc styles: New & Old Commercial, New & Old Residential, Municipal-like Library, Government Buildings, Office Buildings
  • 100+ modular pieces: Doorways, Walls, Windows, Pillars, Ledges, Corner Pieces


PBR Materials (35+ materials)

  • 40 tileable materials ranging from: concrete, bricks, metals, cobblestone, and asphalt


Props (40+ assets)

Doors, Garden Planters, Lights, AC Units, Barriers, Chainlink Fences, Chairs, Crosswalk, Flags, Fire Hydrants, Manhole, Metal Fences, Parking Meter, Pylons, Sewer Grate, Streetlights, Tables, Chairs, Tarp, Vents


Foliage (15+ assets)

Bushes, Ferns, Grass, Hedges, Trees, Weeds


Roads (12+ pieces)

2 & 4 lane: straight roads, corner, merge, intersections


Building Modular Parts: 50-150
Buildings Completed: 5,000-10,000
Trees: 5,000-10,000 (with LODS)
Props: 50-2000 (Props over 500 tris have LODs)


Texture Sizes:
Tileable: 2048-4096
Buildings: 2048
Props: 1024-2048

You will receive 3 packages:

  • Source Files Package (textures, FBX/OBJ models)
  • Unity 5 package
  • Unreal 4 Engine Package

Each package is a separate download file


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“this is a great set. very good communication and the roads are raised you just need to use a modular road piece then add the sidewalk.” – zombotomy at Unreal Marketplace


“This is a very high quality package with excellent texturing and enough modularity to create a wide variety of urban spaces, although some of the pre-made buildings have small gaps between the modular pieces in some areas.” – Namn Losen at Unity Asset Store


“Nice buildings and props. Very useful to build up your city!” – Xiao Bing at Unity Asset Store


“Great Job, very nice and clean Models/Textures and good support, this brings my Game to the next level. I love this.” – Sammy at Unity Asset Store

Video Showcase

Rendered in Unity

Rendered in Unreal