Vehicle Pack: Vol. 1



  • 5 Video Game Industy Quality Vehicles
  • 4 States of LOD (level of detail) for Desktop Optimization & Mobile Assets
  • Standard Prop & Basic Rigged Version for Engines
  • Remove-able parts such as hood, doors, trunks
  • Basic Interiors
  • Demo Scenes to show car types and paint control
  • Complete Documentation to get started



Vehicle Pack Vol.1 contains 5 completely custom designed vehicles ranging from SUVs, Sedans and compact hatchbacks. The quality matches the video game industry standards on current-gen consoles. Each car comes in 3 versions, a rigged version, a standard prop model, and a version equipped with movable doors, hoods, and trunks.

The cars are built with an advanced UE4 car material where you can customize the look even further. The cars also come with full LODs so whether your platform is Desktop or mobile, these cars can be fitted into just about any game type and platform.

As an added bonus, it comes with a full demo scene showing off the assets, and complete documentation on The documentation helps users get started and to understand the how-to and why things are designed in that particular way within the pipeline. Anything that is beyond our package, we provide specific links to the UE4 documentation and external tools to help speed up your development.

Asset List:
5 custom designed cars with variety of set ups
Fully adjustable doors, trunks, hood

Solid Mesh
– Rigged (standard 4 wheel)
– Advanced Substances for Cars and Interiors
– Head light and Tail light textures with emissive control
– Bullet Decal for car paint damage

Demo Scene:
– Examples of Car types
– Example of Paint control

– LOD0- 12,000-15,000
– LOD1- 6,500-8,000
– LOD2- 3,000-4,000
– LOD3- 1,500-2,000

Texture Size:
– 1024 & 2048s

You will receive 3 packages:

  • Source Files Package (textures, FBX/OBJ models)
  • Unity 5 package
  • Unreal 4 Engine Package

Each package is a separate download file


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“Very nice looking pack and I will definitely be buying any other car packs PolyPixel3D comes out with.” – Epeix at Unreal Marketplace

SketchFab Preview

Video Showcase

Rendered in Unreal


Unreal Breakdown of Vehicles and Substance Material


Rendered in Unity