Country Side

Environments / Nature


  • 40 variations of trees
  • 4 terrain textures to help with ground variations
  • Cottage style house as centerpiece
  • Using latest Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4 technology
  • Dozens of different grass, bushes & weed types
  • Modular rock and wooden fences
  • LOD (level of detail) states for trees & props if necessary


Countryside package is intended to be a starter foliage pack for any type of environment. With versatile trees, grass, rocks, and terrain all hooked up to latest Unity 5 standards, it’s as simple as a drag and drop to get it working in your scenes. To showcase these asset’s potential, we have created a demo scene full filled with life with using the assets in this pack.

Each asset is optimized with full LODs, no wasted texture space, and clean materials to insure this runs as smoothly as possible.



Asset List:

8 species of trees, with 5 variations of each. 40 trees in total
4 Terrain Textures
Dozens of grass, bushes and weeds assets
Handful of Rocks
Modular Rock and Wooden fences
1 Cottage style house

Trees: 10,000-25,000 tris (LODs decrease in increments of 50%)
Props: 500-4000

Texture Sizes
Foliage: 1024s – 2048s
Terrain: 2048s
Props: 512s – 2048

You will receive 3 packages:

  • Source Files Package (textures, FBX/OBJ models)
  • Unity 5 package
  • Unreal 4 Engine Package

Each package is a separate download file


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“I have the revised pack, and am very happy with it. The quality is high, and just what I’ve come to enjoy from PolyPixel3D.” – Darkholder at Unreal Marketplace

Video Showcase

Rendered in Unity 5:


Rendered in Unreal Engine 4: