Factory District




  • Pre-made buildings with full interiors
  • Building components to help populate the buildings
  • Fences that can be placed on a spline to enclose your level
  • Large vehicle props such as trailers & forklifts that are tintable
  • A modular railroad systems with railroad & stopper signs
  • Tileable terrain textures – paint walkways and dirt paths, help break up ground with variation
  • General props and foliage to help populate your level
  • LOD (level of detail) states for trees & props – allows for a more streamlined game



Factory District is a high quality environment pack with over 250 assets to create your own warehouse and train area level. Buildings are pre-made with full interiors that can be utilized as gameplay. Populate your grungy factory district with over 150 props ranging from large vehicles, foliage, electrical parts, and train pieces.

Asset List:

  • Around 150 Prop Assets (each with full LODs)
  • 15 pre-made buildings full interiors
  • 90+ buildings components (fences, balconies, pipes, electrical parts, ladders, railings)
  • 21 fences that can be put on a spline
  • 6 lights with fully functional blueprints
  • 12 large vehicle props that are swappable/tintable (trailers, forklifts, etc.)
  • 1 modular railroad system with railroad crossing and stopper signs
  • 20+ general props
  • 15 pieces of foliage (plants, trees, ivy)
  • 3 tileable textures

Polycount: (LODs decrease in 50% increments)

  • Building Components: 1,000-5,000
  • General Props: 50-1,000
  • Large vehicles: 5,000-20,000
  • Foliage: 50-100

Texture Sizes:

  • Terrain: 2048×2048
  • Trees: 2048×2048
  • Ground Plants: 2048×2048
  • Props: 512×512-2048×2048
  • Building Pieces: 1024×1024-2048×2048

Intended Platform


You will receive 3 packages:

  • Source Files Package (textures, FBX/OBJ models)
  • Unreal Engine 4 Package
  • Unity3D 5 Package

Each package is a separate download file


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“I have now purchased 3 of the environment packs from PolyPixels (this one, Urban City, and Industrial City), and I cannot say enough for how amazing they are. There is such incredible attention to detail in these packs, and everything… just … fits! I hummed and hawed at the price, initially, thinking I could source a lot of this stuff myself, or even make a lot of it myself- but after using them for a week now, they are an absolute steal for what they are asking, and so dramatically worth the time saving alone.” – UofA TALS at Unreal Marketplace

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