Old Town



  • Modular Buildings Over 40 modular components and 3 distinct building styles allow for a mixture of visual looks. And a very designer friendly set up will give a great mixture of shapes and sizes very quickly.
  • Exterior and interior buildings – To help with optimizations, we’ve equipped the modular components to have full exterior/interior, or just exterior parts.
  • 70+ props – In the style of our old town, we have a massive prop list to help fill the streets. From planters and sewer grates, patio furniture and fire escapes, storefronts and even christmas lights, there’s plenty of fun to be had.
  • Built for many season – The foliage comes with summer, fall and winter versions, and our standard shaders come equipped with rain/snow parameters that are linked to a global param. Not every game is built in June at 3pm, and we are trying to accommodate that with bringing some versatility to Old Town.
  • Full LODs and Collisions – We are using full UE4 LOD and collision systems for our assets. The big reason for this, is it allows for easy extraction of our assets, without any hidden components to the source art. You now have access to our entire model source art.
  • Functional blueprints for lights – Our lights and traffic light come with simple and easy to use blueprints.
  • Advanced materials – We have consolidated all of our materials to just a handful of advanced materials. Toggling features on and off at your discretion will expose advanced features like grunge, rain, vertex painting and more, while turning off the features drops the complex shaders keeping your scenes optimized.



Old Town brings an old fashioned city vibe to a modern world. Dressed up streets and ornate props help bring this quaint area to life. 3 distinct building styles with over 40 modular components to them, mixed with our advanced shaders, makes sure that this pack has longevity as you can mix and match to makes 100s of building looks. The modular road set comes with unique look of bricks and cobblestone and over 70 props to help fill the streets. The pack also comes with seasonal looks and weather changes to help give the setting a variety of moods. We have provided 4 scenes to help demonstrate this. A great starter pack for any world in the need of a cute old style district.

Asset List:

  • Props: Over 70 individual props
  • Buildings: 3 distinct building styles with over 40 modular components
  • Foliage: 3 Trees with 3 seasonal looks, and ground plants
  • Roads: 16 road components for modular and/or spline set up
  • Blueprints: 4 basic lights and a wire spline
  • Textures: 180+ custom textures

Polycount: (LODs decrease in 50% increments)

  • Building components: 50-2000
  • Props: 100-1500
  • Trees: 1500-3000

Texture Sizes:

  • Tileable: 2048s & 4096s
  • Props: 1024s & 2048s
  • Foliage: 2048s

Intended Platform


You will receive 2 packages:

  • Unreal Engine 4 Package
  • Unity Package

Each package is a separate download file


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