Weapon Pack: Assault Rifles

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  • 5 modern artillery inspired Assault Rifles
  • Using latest Unity 5 and Unreal Engine 4 technology
  • Thousands of skin variations with parameters such as grunge, colours, materials and 6 styles of camo
  • 3 LOD (level of detail) states for streamlined games. Lower states can be used for mobile
  • 8 attachments that works with every weapon. Mix & match hundreds of combinations
  • Static & simple rigged versions in Unity 5
  • 3 magazines can be used for props & pickups



This package comes with 5 standard assault rifles. 2 versions of an AR-15, a Scar, and 2 versions of an AK-47. Each gun comes with an assortment of material features to customize the look to your needs. Whether it be clean, dirty, metallic or even some added camo.

There are also 8 of attachments which you can easily apply to any gun. Scopes, flashlights, grips, and detachable magazines take the looks and functionality of the weapons to the next level of customization.

Asset List:

5 Assault Rifles + LODs
8 Attachments which work across all weapons
Holo Scope
Red Dot Scope
Sniper Scope
Iron Sights
Separate magazines models for ammo clips

LOD0- 12,000-15,000
LOD1- 6,500-8,000
LOD2- 3,000-4,000
LOD3- 1,500-2,000
500-3,000 (with 3 LODs, each reducing by 50%)

Texture Size:
1024 & 2048s


You will receive 3 packages:

  • Source Files Package (textures, FBX/OBJ¬†models)
  • Unity 5 package
  • Unreal 4 Engine Package

Each package is a separate download file


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“These weapon packs are AAA quality in the modelling and the texturing. I love the texture customization you guys have allowed on these weapons. Endless weapon color modification.” – TerrainCreator at Unity Asset Store

Video Showcase

Rendered in Unity 5

Rendered in Unreal Engine 4

Unreal Engine 4 Breakdown

Sketchfab Preview