Post Apocalyptic World

Post Apocalyptic World contains over 100 AAA models to create your own abandoned city.


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License: Royalty Free License

Supported Platforms:

Xbox One

You will receive the following packages:

Unreal, Unity and, Source Package


Post Apocalyptic World contains over 100 AAA models to create your own abandoned city. With over a dozen ground foliage (bushes, grass, and weeds) and 3 species of trees (with variations), it’s a simple drag and drop to create a lush and overgrown looking environment. Easily fill up your world with houses, stores, and industrial buildings. All the houses have interiors and multiple floors that can be filled with basic props such as couches, chairs, tables, cabinets, and even a kitchen. All props come with collision and LODs for a streamlined experience. The foliage tool can be used to add the final touches by painting in vines on buildings and broken rubble, bricks, trash on the ground.

• 3 Houses with full interiors
• 5 doors built with physics
• Mix and match siding, bricks, drywall to get tons of variations
• 1 Store with blocked out apartment
• 1 Industrial building built modularly to give you full control of scale/complexity
• 3 species of trees with 2 variations each
• Over a dozen bushes, grass, weeds to build lush ground foliage
• Over 40 props to fill interiors and streets
• Broken rubble, bricks, trash, loose paper to help give that added grungy look

Technical Details

Asset List:
5 Building Assets
3 houses with full interiors
1 store
1 modularly built industrial building
Over 40 Prop Assets each with full LODs
Textures from 512×512 – 2048×2048
Compact RGB (Metalness/Roughness/AO)
Over 20 Foliage Assets
3 species of trees with 2 variations each bushes, grass, weeds

Assets using Foliage Tool:
Paintable Vines
Rubble, Debris, Trash

Video Demos

Unreal Engine:

Unity Engine:


“Very good set! it is not really hypermodular in the sense that you have small wall pieces and doorframes to assemble your own buildings, but you get a number of buildings with separated floors that you can stack on top of each other as high as you want. All buildings have interior rooms and stairs so you get a complete beginners set with buildings that can be entered and are completely usable. Great value for the money!” – Wallenstein on Unreal Marketplace