Post Apocalyptic World: Unity Engine Documentation

Getting Started


Post Apocalyptic World contains over 100 AAA models to create your own abandoned city focused on the latest Unity 5 experience. With over a dozen ground foliage (bushes, grass, and weeds) and 3 species of trees (with variations), it’s a simple drag and drop to create a lush and overgrown looking environment. Easily fill up your world with houses, stores, and industrial buildings.

All the houses have interiors and multiple floors that can be filled with basic props such as couches, chairs, tables, cabinets, and even a kitchen. All props come with collision and LODs(if required) for a streamlined experience.

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File Structure


  • Contains ambient world sounds


  • Contains all materials in the world


  • Contains all static mesh assets and FBXs


  • Contains 1 demo scene to showcase what this pack can do.


  • Contains all TGA assets.

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How tall can I make the houses?

As high as you want, provided you have ‘Main’ as the lowest part, and ‘Top’ as the highest part of your totem chain.

Why do some objects have LODs/Collision, while others don’t?

In some cases where the model should never be reached by a character, shouldn’t interact with it, or is simply too small, we felt it unnecessary to create collision. As for LODs, our cut off for not including LODs was “roughly” 500 tris. LODs are reduced 40-60% each level.

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