Survival Prop Pack: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation

Getting Started


The Survival Prop Pack contains 40 props that can be used to start any type of survival game. You may see many of these types of props in zombie, survival horror, FPS horror and other similar modern themes games. Mix and match these props to create a post-apocalyptic story in your game.

Props include a wide variety of categories such as food rations, survival gear, crafting items, and melee/harvesting tools. Some of the assets contain multiple states like an open and closed tent. All survival props are high quality to work with desktop games.

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File Structure


  • Contains all Materials


  • Contains all Models


  • Contains ‘Demo’ scene where you can find all the props


  • Contains Textures for all props

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Package Breakdown

Asset Themes

We looked at popular survival games like ‘DayZ’, ‘Rust’ and many more titles in the survival genre. From there, we gathered a list of common props that would help structure the base for any standard inventory for a survival game.

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Material Setup

  • Materials use standard PBR set up. Albedo, Roughness, Metallic, Normal and Ambient Occlusion(AO) maps.
  • The Roughness, Metallic and AO maps are all grey scale, and to save on disk space, they are compacted into one RGB texture. Using the Red, Green and Blue channels separately to hold each map.
    • Red – Metallic
    • Green – Roughness
    • Blue – AO

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Why is there this silly rainbow colour texture?

Please refer to the section Material Set up section of the documentation.


I want to change the asset, how can I do this?

This package contains 100% of the source art files. You have the ability to open up the .tga texture files in photoshop and make any corrections. The .FBX files can be opened in any Autodesk 3d application.

NOTE: Blender can import .FBX files, but this package has not been tested in Blender. It is common geometry so there should not be any problems.


Some of the textures are too large, how can i scale them down?

You can go into the texture properties within UE4, and under ‘Maximum Texture Size’ you can quickly set the resolution of the ‘Max In_Game:’ (leaving it at 0 will result in the resolution staying at its default size)resolution. The other way is to open the textures in an external editor, and scale them down manually.


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