Vehicle Pack Volume 1: Unity Engine Documentation

Package Breakdown


  • The pack comes with around 40 tileable materials using the latest Unity 5 standard shader that you can mix and match on most building surfaces.
  • Props and other assets use PBR metalness.
  • Roads use a custom shader to use a 2nd UV set to stencil in road lines.
  • There is a building shader that can utilize a 2nd UV set to create a randomized too to window emissive.

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  • Along with all the modular parts, the Urban City Pack comes complete with most city props in a standard city. These range from: construction cones, patio furniture, benches, garbage cans, AC units, etc. to keep your city looking unique from anyone elses.
  • All props come with collision using simple box colliders, with the rare mesh collision, keeping collision very optimized and easy to manage.
  • Props come complete with LODs if the polycount calls for it.

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