What is PolyPixel?

Hi, my name is Cody Spahr, and I own and operate PolyPixel out of Vancouver Canada. I am a video game artist with some big and small studio experience in the greater Vancouver area. I started PolyPixel as a solo venture just to take on some side work, but it has grown so much more than that over the years. I have many to thank for their contributions as PolyPixel has been a top selling creator for Unreal and Unity stores and has taken on well over 1 million USD in client work over the years, and it has hardly been a solo effort all this time. Working on AR/VR titles, video games, simulation projects and film projects has brought me into circles where I have worked alongside some of the best those industries have to offer. 

PolyPixel has been a conduit for myself and others to pour their passion into and push their own personal boundaries, to explore and see what they can come up with as artists. We have made many mistakes in the past, and have had many successes. One thing is for sure, PolyPixel will never be complacent, and I will ride this company out until the wheels fall off.

I don’t normally look this nice. That’s not even my shirt.

What does PolyPixel do?

PolyPixel is mostly a 3D content creator which specializes in real time art inside Unreal Engine and Unity 3D. We can make any and all environments, prop creation, and some technical work like rigging, vfx, animations, and some minor scripting. Constantly experimenting with new skill sets and workflows, our products are a great proving ground to test cutting edge things.

I have always maintained a healthy mix of client work, along with the products. I love tackling new unique challenges and enjoy having clients who ask lots of questions from me and the task. I want clients who push boundaries of hardware and software, and really challenge me and those around me. And I love working “with” clients, not just “for” them.

What is PolyPixels vision?

I find there is a huge chasm between the two spectrum’s of art creation. On one side you have customized art all hand built. And the other, you have procedural generated art. My hope is to provide non artists with a perfect marriage of the two, harnessing the power of procedural art workflows, but with friendly controls to build custom art as if a seasoned veteran artist made it.

The next goal is to take our existing art and with the power of SideFXs Houdini, and provide customers with the tools necessary to easily generate custom worlds in minutes, rather than months.  And see where we go from there!