Welcome to the official launch of our blog! We decided this will be the best way to share knowledge that may not be directly related to our products.

Our team put down our paintbrushes and sketching pencils to do some brainstorming on how we can help and give back to our community. We’ve narrowed it down to 4 types of topics that our future posts will be covering.

1. Inspirational

At Polypixel, we make it a goal to fail fast. It’s the only way to learn quickly and get to a real solution. We want to share these experiences, stories, and pitfalls so you and your team won’t have to go through them.

We LOVE watching the behind the scenes of games and movies as much as the actual product. They’re inspiring and usually have one or two golden nuggets that we implement within our own team. We want to bring you behind the scenes on how we produce our own products from start to finish as well.

2. Tips & Tricks/ Tutorials

What makes a great game? Aside from innovation and amazing ideas, it comes down to execution. The systems and processes you and your team have can be the difference between a 6 months or 2 years dev cycle.

We want to share any work flows and techniques we use in our Art Studio that may benefit your game development. These will be broken down into two categories: engine-related and art-related.

3. Resources

There’s already a huge community for game development online with great content. However, It’s easy to get lost in this wealth of information and be stuck in analysis paralysis. We will be as selective and only post the best of each category.

These can be anything from books, blog posts, forums, game files, and tutorials. Our team already has a big swipe file of great industry content and as we package them nicely they will be shared with you.

4. Productivity/motivational

We get it. We came from starting this Art Studio in our home office while working full time jobs. There are days that you just don’t want to do anything and even question why you started this project in the first place.

We want to help relieve stress, refuel your passion, and keep you motivated to finish your game. These are topics not covered that much in our industry but are essential to getting your project finished.

Just like there are tools to make a game, we use tools and software to keep our team productive everyday. Learn how to maximize your time even if you have a full time job and only work nights and weekends on your dream game.


Please do come back often as we update our blog with informative posts covering any of the above topics.

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See you soon.

P.S. Stay tuned for our very first product release!