Urban City: Providing Longevity to an Outdated Pack

It's been over a year since Urban City Pack has released and has continued to be our bestseller. Luckily, we have not abandoned this pack. It's been on our mind.. it haunts us as night.. it's the crying baby screaming "update me!" and just needs a bit of TLC. We have been gathering a ton [...]

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Why Our First Product Was a Failure

It’s been almost a year since we started content creation on the Unreal Marketplace & Unity Asset Store. We’ve learnt so much in every aspect - from what customers want, to improving quality in our art packages.   Looking back at our very first pack CountrySide, we hate to admit that it looks mediocre. It [...]

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Lake Side Cabin – Unreal Package Breakdown

Here's an in-depth video done by two of our artists Cody & Jonny showcasing everything that will be included with this 3D Nature Environment Pack. We decided to have two people in the video to add a bit more life and keeps Cody from rambling on all the time. Hope you guys enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TobzuPsJ77Y

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Lake Side Cabin – Sneak Peek

Here’s a first sneak peek at our next pack! We’re taking a step back from Environments and letting our zen mode kick in with a nature pack. We recently took a summer trip to our backyard up in Northern B.C. Canada. Seeing the beautiful mountains and trees inspired us to create this Lakeside Cabin pack. [...]

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Post Apocalyptic World: Unity Integration

Hello everyone! A small update about Post Apocalyptic World here. We have integrated everything over from Unreal into Unity without much problems. The only big difference is Unity doesn’t have a foliage tool that allows for pain-table vines like in Unreal. You can purchase it from our Online Store Now! Check out some media below from [...]

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Post Apocalyptic World: Sneak Peek #2

Hello everyone! This is a huge update and we’re excited to share things with you. The pack is ready and has been submitted to Unreal to go onto the trello board. Our team couldn’t be happier with how this pack turned out. We believe this is our best looking product and hope to continue to [...]

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Post Apocalyptic World: Sneak Peek

  Hey everyone! Welcome to the Post Apocalyptic World Sneak Peek. We're planning to create DevBlog entries for our products as they continue to be made. We're hoping to give our customers a bit more transparency on exactly what they are buying and also to get feedback along the way. So if you can, please [...]

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