Hey everyone! Welcome to the Post Apocalyptic World Sneak Peek. We’re planning to create DevBlog entries for our products as they continue to be made. We’re hoping to give our customers a bit more transparency on exactly what they are buying and also to get feedback along the way. So if you can, please take a second to leave a comment below.

Expect to see weekly entries for this upcoming Post Apocalyptic World and all future packs!



At PolyPixel, our artists unanimously decided that our favorite game last year was “Last of Us”. It only made sense that we used this game’s art as inspiration to create a post apocalyptic world. We loved the versatility of the environment with lush bushes/trees, abandoned buildings, and also gave our team a chance to build our first interiors. Also when we were creating survival prop pack, it clicked for us that we need to create a whole world around this.



Since this is work in progress, things may change as production continues but below is what we plan to have for this pack:

  • handful of buildings with exteriors and interior
  • modular lego piece buildings to allow for quick & easy level building
  • paint-able vines to cover buildings
  • enough trees and bushes to create a lush environment
  • rubble and debris to help sell an abandoned/broken down world
  • props to fill interiors and exteriors
  • have multiple themes for buildings such as industrial, residential and store front
  • some audio sounds to sell the abandoned city feel



We just passed the greyblocking phase and are just jumping into the detailing and content creation phase.

Here’s a list of things that have been completed so far:

  • Blocked out the scale and design of the demo world to help test the assets better
  • Greyblocked shape, deisgn, and functionality of all the buildings
  • Built most of the foliage (first pass art)
  • Got the paintable vines functionality
  • Created functional doors
  • Started about two dozen props (first pass)

Hope you enjoy these work in progress screenshots!



Post Apocalyptic World - WIP 4


Post Apocalyptic World - WIP 2


Post Apocalyptic World - WIP 1


Post Apocalyptic World - WIP 3


Shows the paintable vine feature and our intention to help sell a lush world with overgrown buildings. Also some testing with a dummy character to help nail down the scale of the interiors.



A beautiful chair one of our artists created. The wear and tear really helps sell that this environment has been abandoned.


Thanks for reading our first ever DevBlog entry! Stay tuned next week as we show more of the completed buildings and also a dozen or so props.

If you have any questions or feedback for things you want to see in this pack, please comment below.