Suburbs is our friendly neighbourhood pack. With classic single family homes based on mid western America, this pack should fit all your suburban city needs.

Supported Platforms:

Xbox One/PS4

You will receive the following packages:

Unreal and Unity Package(coming soon. If purchase is made before release, we will notify you about the free Unity download)


Surbubs is intended to be a one-stop shop for all your small town needs. With modular roads, quaint houses, a park area and loads of props, this is sure to set you off on the right track for your suburban projects. We left no stone unturned when creating this pack, having an asset list of well over 100, and stress testing it inside a massive level with a park as the centerpiece.
There’s cars, a mixture of road types, 5 building styles, foliage, and more.

• 5 Home types with full interiors.
• 100+ props – In the style of Ohio suburbs, we have a massive prop list to help fill the streets.
• Full LODs and Collisions -We are using full UE4 LOD and collision systems for our assets. This allows for easy extraction of our assets, without any hidden components to the source art.
• Advanced materials – We have consolidated all of our materials to just a handful of advanced materials. Toggling features on and off at your discretion will expose advanced features.

Technical Details

Asset List:
• Props: Over 100 individual props
• Buildings: 5 distinct building styles (modularity coming in V1.1)
• Foliage: 15 trees with a dozen ground plants
• Roads: lots road, path and sidewalk components for modular and/or spline set up
• Textures: 250+ custom textures

Polycount: (tris) 
• Houses: 10000-25000
• Props: 100-1500
• Trees: 5000-13000

Texture Sizes: 
• Tileable: 2048s
• Props: 1024s & 2048s
• Foliage: 2048s

Video Demos

Unreal Engine:



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