Urban City

Urban City pack is a great base for almost any desktop game centered around a city. The pack comes with completed props, buildings, and full scene, but also with the necessary modular parts to easily build your own custom world.

Supported Platforms:

Xbox One

You will receive the following packages:

Unreal, Unity and, Source Package


As a fully realized urban city environment, this pack is built to highest AAA standards for environmental art. All the assets have been created efficiently to ensure both smooth frame rate and low memory. This pack contains over a dozen pre built buildings, as well as over 100 modular building assets so you can make your own. To go along with the buildings, the world is fitted with dozens of standard assets, a modular road set up, and over 30 seamless PBR materials, all ready to be dragged and dropped in game.

There is also a completed level, that works effectively for both day time and night time scenes. As well as a plethora of fun advanced art techniques like vertex painted grunge and wetness to avoid tileable looking textures. This is your one stop shop for a starter pack for any modern city of any genre of game.

Each asset is optimized (with LODs if required), no wasted texture space, clean materials, to insure this runs as smoothly as possible.

Advanced but easy to use materials. These shaders are getting the most out of all the great UE4 shader properties, but built in a clean and thorough manner so just about any level of shader artist can pick up easily.

The world is built to be versatile in many areas. The wall textures use a variety of vertex painted grunge, the ground has vertex painted puddles and wetness and windows are built to have windows lights on or off.

This pack comes with 1 full scene, built to show the versatility of the assets.

Technical Details

Asset List:
9 modular building styles, with 1 or more completed buildings
40+ Props
30+ Tileable PBR materials
3 Trees and handful of extra foliage props
Modular Road and sidewalk parts
1 scene centered around a city corner

Polycount: (LODs decrease in 50% increments) 
Building Modular Parts: 50-150
Buildings Completed: 5,000-10,000
Trees: 5,000-10,000 (with LODS)
Props: 50-2000 (Props over 500 tris have LODs)

Texture Sizes: 
Tileable: 2048-4096
Buildings: 2048
Props: 1024-2048
• Ground Plants: 2048×2048
• Props: 512×512-2048×2048
• Building Pieces: 1024×1024-2048×2048

Video Demos

Unreal Engine:

Unity Engine:


“You have made me a fan of your work! Great stuff. I am able to complete my life long dream using this as a base until we expand.” – TieDyeDev on Unreal Marketplace